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Writing – Is there a Success Mantra?

May 4th, 2016 - 2 Comments

Everyone is a writer these days, thanks to the pervasive technological tools and resources accessible. Content is copious, concepts are a galore and each individual hungers to stake his/her thoughts and experiences. ‘Sell by Storytelling’ is the new adage. But amidst the chaos and the attempts to find method among madness, we are overwhelmed in what can be called a content avalanche, swamped by constantly cascading streams of content from all flanks.

The question is how we discern ourselves via our content. A thousand other writers are writing on the same topic that we are penning on. Why should somebody read us? Human beings are driven by passion and emotions. Write on a topic that drives you, that you are passionate about. Do not choose conventional topics. The fun is in questioning conventional wisdom. But then, what if you do not have the fundamentals relevant to writing. Simple, start reading. All the best writers in the world are voracious readers. Listen keenly to the conversations of interesting people. You get phrases, puns, words etc. to incorporate in your own writing. Final and foremost, start writing. It not only helps you evolve as a writer, but also is a means to vent out pent up emotions.

The secret to writing is in learning, unlearning and relearning. Like any other field, it needs a relentless urge to upgrade oneself. Like I said in the earlier paragraph, how do we identify matter relevant to us from the mounds of content we are submerged in? It needs a personal assessment – what is the reading material most significant for me to progress personally and professionally? There should be a self-discipline to discard undesirable content. We are the best juries for ourselves. Absorb positive outlooks from others. But then, you have an individuality of your own. The content you read should match that. Written matter is mostly the personal experience or perspective of an author. We may not face similar situations. Read, but accept what needs to be accepted. Write, but be authentic. Be yourself and you automatically differentiate yourself from others. There lies your success mantra to writing!


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