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Work Experience with a Dedicated Client – A Window to Excel

January 13th, 2017 - 0 Comments

There is a saying that goes “Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

There is always a boost in interest when you get to work on different types of projects with different people. During my professional journey I got a chance to work with the same client for almost four years on many diverse projects, exploring different types of work and acquiring many new skills. I would like to share my experience of it.

I am the oldest member in my team as per the number of years served, and have worked with various old and new clients. My journey started with data analysis projects where I juggled only with numbers. My usual day would consist of analyzing the data and generating reports according to the project objectives. I also worked on secondary research, competitive intelligence, KOL identification, and pipeline analysis reports.

I worked on major therapy areas like Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Cardio-metabolic, Women’s Health, CNS and Pain and also developed quarterly reports that analyzed the performance of key brands within regions, countries and ATCs. Also, I was exposed to various databases like IMS PADDS, IMS Analytics, Nicholas Hall Database etc. Once I got a hang of these databases, I started working on projects from scratch (from extracting data to developing reports) for almost two years.

Generally, things change gradually. But, in my case everything changed quickly. The lead client changed and brought to us different types of projects and work. The lead client introduced new aspects and almost changed the aim of the department. Now the client’s major focus was to generate insights from the studies impacting their future strategies. However, we were able to manage the expectations and adapted with the new work and atmosphere very quickly. The account is still with us because of our work, dedication and trust.

We started receiving requests on primary market research projects, developing summaries from reports of agencies, digital projects (a totally new area), development of infographic reports etc. I now support the client for primary market research studies, work with numerous vendors to finalize the external agency for these studies, develop the summary of the reports, talk to many other internal and external stakeholders, independently work on projects from start to end, conduct WebEx meetings. I generate insights from PMR studies, IMS data, secondary reports and other online surveys and suggest actions to the client based on these insights that support their future strategies.

I have learnt to conduct PMR studies, from writing the request for proposal (RFP), following all the legal, finance, pharmacovigilance guidelines, comparing various proposals as per their timelines, quotations and deliverables, developing the discussion guides, screener, watching the interviews, to finally developing a summary of the report. I have also learnt to work on a few online databases for PMR studies, analyzing and discussing the results with internal stakeholders and finally presenting it to the countries. I have even learnt to develop the script for short videos to summarize the presentations.

Due to our continuous efforts and the trust we created, the client gave us an opportunity to go onsite and work with them in Switzerland. It was a good experience as working in front of the computer and working in front of your own clients makes a huge difference. I also worked with many internal stakeholders. I got to know their objectives, goals and strategies for all their therapy areas – both for marketing and sales. I also improved my communications skills – written and oral – during this period. Now, we have a better vision of what they are doing and what their future strategies are, and most importantly, the kind of support they would require in the near future. We can now work on those skills and parameters to support them better and to continue working with them.

phamax is the core part of the client team and we have been working with them for almost four years. The account I work for started with only one person and now there are at least three of us (sometimes four or five) who work with the client regularly. This collaboration is possible only due to our dedicated efforts and the belief the client has in us.

Other than the PMR studies, we are supporting the client in developing dashboards, presentations for the top management, adhoc projects and forecasting. The best part is that the work which we do is being shared with all the countries, regions and global teams. We have developed a good reputation not only with the global teams but with the regional teams as well.

My experience with the client is truly amazing as I have learnt a lot of things, and discovered and developed many skills. From data analysis to conducting primary market research studies, I have worked with various internal and external stakeholders. I hope to continue working and exploring new things with the client and within myself.

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