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Will Health 3.0 Help the Genesis of RWE 2.0?

May 5th, 2016 - 0 Comments

During my tenure with Nokia as the Global Product Lead – Health and Wellness Services, I was witness to the transformation of healthcare or Health 1.0 to what is called Health 2.0 now. Healthcare as a domain had stayed unchanged for centuries with the prime motive being alleviation of suffering of people with diseases. Vaccines and other preventive health measures were around, but it took two different industries to merge together to elevate its status to the next and improved version – Mobility and Telecommunications.

The arrival of mobiles as a ubiquitous technology that became a personal possession to more than half the global population and the penetration of data into the far off corners of the world, and the advent of mHealth heralded the Health 2.0 era. People were able to receive health awareness messages, track their fitness levels and eating habits, monitor chronic diseases and do a lot more at the touch of a button than was ever being done. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe in the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries, real world evidence was picking speed. From the conventional clinical trials to accepting observational research in a real world setting became accepted as an equally important evidence for product efficiency and safety. As a matter of fact, with the rise of the payor community, the ability to demonstrate value in a real world setting became more and more important to be able to succeed.

Now we are on the threshold of a new version of health owing to the rapid changes that are happening due to a host of innovations and disruptions in other domains. eCommerce is picking up and making inroads into economies that were untouched until now. It has led to the rising importance of BIG-data and how data is being assimilated to deliver highly personal and better experience to customers, especially with the gamification of the entire process of shopping or learning or tracking.

Wearables and other new mHealth devices now are borrowing heavily like second nature from the evolution and trends that other domains have adopted. Are we looking at the next evolution of health within the span of a decade and a half? The potential is humongous! Marry the idea of BIG-data and analytical algorithms to the technology enabled ability for people to track and report their health status and outcomes from treatments. Health 3.0 is on the verge if it has not yet arrived completely. The day is not far when the right data privacy measures to manage personal health and deliver personalized care will be as easy as a click of the proverbial button. With that happening, another domain will need to automatically upgrade – Healthcare Market Access 3.0!

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