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Venturing into the Corporate World

June 23rd, 2016 - 0 Comments

A good job is something that every educated girl wishes for. I still vividly remember those days when I was doing my Masters in Clinical Research in Delhi. Day in and day out, thoughts of getting a good job in a good company was the only thing that was in my mind. As it happens in most Indian families, my father was also of the opinion that I should work in the government sector and stay nearby.

Well, God has a story scripted for everyone, and I believe that I have a story too. I wanted to explore the corporate world before deciding further. As luck would have it, I met a couple of phamaxians in the hospital in Delhi where I was doing my internship for a project conducted by phamax. In due course, I realized that phamax was recruiting interns in the RWE domain. I applied. Soon, I was contacted by the HR department and things started falling in place. I qualified in the interview and phamax made an offer.

It was a strange feeling of mixed emotions, of pride, happiness, excitement, apprehension, and nervousness. All good emotions because I had cracked my first interview and all others because I had to move to Bangalore. To add to the nervousness, I was also informed that I would be the first girl in the team that I was joining….Great!!

D-day arrives; I land in Bangalore and reach phamax on the joining day. Contrary to my imagination and the depiction which my cousins and relatives had given me about the corporate world, I was overwhelmed by the manner in which phamax welcomed me. I was made extremely comfortable on the very first day with the team and the rest of the colleagues interacting with me with pleasant smiles. My father had accompanied me all along and was happy and assured on meeting my supervisors. I was instantaneously in love with this company and thanked God for giving me the opportunity to work in such a pleasant environment.

The journey so far has been beyond expectations. Six months of internship done and dusted with and now I am a Clinical Research Associate. Every step has been a learning experience. The company is small, if we look at the numbers, but the people are highly talented, creative and energetic. The phamax work culture is such that you are never under pressure, unlike the so called depicted image of the “Corporate World” where you have to think thrice before putting your ideas on the table. This company nurtures the best in you with a cocktail of knowledge, soft skills, project exposure, trust and encouragement. Here, I learnt how to take decisions, overcame my fears and understood how to deal with clients and different situations on a real time basis. Working here is challenging as well as fun. phamax is an organization where sports, fun activities, and team outings are as important as work, a perfect blend of everything under one roof.

At this stage, I feel that joining phamax was the best decision of my career. My venture into the “Corporate World” has been fruitful. I can confidently say that phamax has crafted me into a better and a confident person and I have evolved!!


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