Real World Evidence

The healthcare arena is facing rising costs, inadequate funding, and stringent policies. Healthcare authorities around the world are requesting local evidence of how new and existing products perform on the ground, which in turn influences pricing and reimbursement decisions.

Patients are the ultimate consumers of the products, and their awareness is growing. In this complex environment, it is important to understand the needs of all the stakeholders, to communicate real-world product value and, thus, to drive change.

This is where real-world data comes into the picture, generating insightful evidence in the real-life setting. Real-world evidence (RWE) shows how a particular disease is spread over the population and how a given healthcare product affects patients suffering from a specific disease. RWE analytics help in understanding patients’ behaviour by giving the overview of their movement through the disease journey. Additionally, real-world data supports health and economic outcomes, benefiting both healthcare companies and payers.

Real-world data is collected with such tools as registries, observational studies and RWE studies. However, RWE is not just about data collection. Analytics is the key meeting point between real-world data and consumers. Generating meaningful insights from real-world data poses numerous challenges, from setting relevant objectives in a non-Randomized Clinical Trial environment to ensuring compliance with data protection policies.

At phamax, we believe that only through the fusion of real-world data and robust data analytics is it possible to address these challenges successfully and to bring value to all the stakeholders. We work with all the recipients of all the RWE data: physicians, payers, advocacy groups and patients, and provide them with a platform for communication.

In addition, we disseminate the outcomes among the physician community via our scientific platform FSRC, comprising 2,000+ experts worldwide. Through our high-quality analytical techniques, we provide our clients with vital insights, instrumental to targeting the right patients with the right product at the right time. In this way, we combine scientific and analytical tools to bring you the perfect RWE solution, designed specifically for your project.

We have been recently featured on Pharm Exec where we looked at the importance of real-world evidence, the current issues involving randomized clinical trials, and discussed the questions that should be asked when trying to determine the performance of a marketed product. Read the article here:

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