Patient Journey Modelling

The patient journey can be described as the complete story of the patient’s experience in the healthcare system — from the onset of the symptoms to the receipt of the treatment — entailing all the steps in patient care. The patient journey follows the patient pathway, tracking the number of patients from the diagnosis stage.

Patient journey depicts the real-life situation, considering all the unpredictable factors and hurdles, rather than an ideal picture of a patient strictly following treatment guidelines in perfect circumstances. Following such a journey helps healthcare providers easily and effectively identify steps at which healthcare is falling short.

Our service is an unbiased, detailed patient journey, quantifying all patient segments for your product. We identify data gaps across countries and patient segments, redefine commercial focus areas based on identified leverage points (by patient segment), providing an easy tracking tool. Thus, our patient journey tool allows you to improve launch excellence by targeting the right set of patients with accurate communication.

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