Healthcare market access today is often perceived and defined as setting the ‘right’ price and achieving reimbursement. However, these goals alone are not a guarantee for optimal product access in a market. The challenges are greater – defining and generating credible local evidence of a drug’s performance, identifying and actively cooperating with local healthcare stakeholders, understanding local needs and adjusting commercial strategies accordingly etc. We bring together the analytical, scientific and commercial skills relevant to develop and implement integrated healthcare market access strategies for your product success. Founded in 2011, phamax is a Swiss-headquartered healthcare research and consulting firm specializing in scientific and analytical healthcare market access programs.

Behsad Zomorodi headshot

Behsad Zomorodi

Chief Executive Officer

Behsad is the founder of phamax and has two decades of industry and consulting experience in the healthcare domain. Before venturing into the consulting space, he served as a National Sales Manager, Business Unit Head and Global Brand Director with foremost enterprises like B-MS, Schering Plough and Novartis.

At phamax, Behsad heads the long term strategic planning, business development and investor relations.

Behsad operates from Zug, Switzerland.

Anand Patil headshot

Anand Patil

Managing Partner

Anand is the co-founder of phamax. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has led consulting ventures with top pharmaceutical, product strategies and business planning for large pharmaceutical houses and global consulting practices in India and Switzerland. Before phamax, he was heading a global delivery team at a leading consulting firm in India.

At phamax, Anand manages the Bangalore office and outlines the overall strategy of the company.

Sacha Haymoz headshot

Sacha Haymoz


Sacha is a partner at phamax. He has more than fifteen years of experience in healthcare business analytics, forecasting and commercialization, and FTE and large engagements. He was earlier associated with large corporations like IBM and Hoffmann-La Roche as a strategic marketing and business analytics professional. His expertise spans more than hundred forecast projects. He is also a co-founder of PharmARC, a healthcare consulting firm acquired by IMS Health.

Arun Gowda headshot

Arun Gowda

Senior Director

Arun is a physician by training, with fifteen years of pharmaceutical consulting experience. He has led consulting ventures with top pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. His expertise spans epidemiology studies, literature reviews, whitepapers and poster presentations, business and clinical intelligence studies, market research projects, stakeholder engagement activities, brand positioning (strategy, planning and execution) and digital marketing strategies.

Before phamax, Arun was the Global Product Led for Health and Wellness at Nokia. He managed and monitored the health section for Nokia Life. Arun also has had successful professional associations with PharmARC, MAGNA Health Solutions and United Business Media.

At phamax, Arun heads FSRC (focus scientific research center)

Jayachandra Reddy headshot

Jayachandra Reddy

Senior Director

Jayachandra has more than a decade of experience in marketing analytics and consulting. His experience includes associations with large and medium global pharmaceutical firms on multifarious projects in forecasting, strategy development, business intelligence and portfolio evaluation.

Before phamax, Jayachandra was heading the Commercial Assessment Group of a leading healthcare consulting firm in India. He is experienced in building and managing teams for FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) agreements and other projects.

At phamax, Jayachandra leads the analytics and modelling team

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  • "phamax project leaders have excellent knowledge and their findings are detailed and helpful. The team was instrumental in determining the prices and clinical effectiveness of the products in the markets of our interests."