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Advice from a Healthcare Consulting Firm: Workplace Authenticity

October 13th, 2017 - 0 Comments

Can you succeed at work by simply trying to imitate a successful co-worker?

Celebrated author and poet Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Unfortunately, this sentiment doesn’t appear to have followed us into the 21st century or into the workplace. At work, so many of us strive to imitate or otherwise impersonate a fellow, successful co-worker, often deliberating on the cause of their success. Matters take a more dismal note when we see the less commendable personnel move up the corporate ladder as we struggle, causing us to wonder whether the concept of meritocracy is a myth. The problem is that attempting to follow identically in someone else’s footsteps tends to leave us feeling isolated and frustrated.

As a Senior Editor at phamax, a pharmaceutical consulting company, I wanted to explore this issue and explore how workplace authenticity can take your career to a new, more daring level.

You were hired for who you are, not who you could pretend to be

We are hired for what we are: our skills, experience, and education. We are also expected to hone these skills and add new ones to our repertoire. We are not anticipated to transform drastically, but this is what happens to many. In emulating other ‘success stories’ in their organization, they misplace their sense of direction and sense of self.

This is a corporate saga, reiterating in many organizations worldwide. Success is defined by peers or supervisors. A slight variation from the prescribed norm is considered a transgression; the ‘sinner’ becomes a pariah, quarantined from the more successful. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it happens in many organizations around the world, and I have heard many stories that confirm this. Fortunately, phamax is more liberal and lets employees be themselves.

Discover what makes you unique and valuable to your company

Personal introspection can always reveal true potential. Each person owns a classified formula or secret ingredient, unidentified to many. You just have to discover this exceptionality and channelize it. Don’t falter when it comes to following processes too rigidly and not expressing yourself. If you can add value to a process, a function or the organization as a whole, just ignite the spark. The pyrotechnics will ensue. There may be sceptics, but if there is purpose and dedication, the spike will drill into the right slot. It may sound cliché, but innovation takes birth in unrestrained minds.

Great leaders have a solid sense of self

Our true self is dormant because of the misplaced notion that genuineness is detrimental to our careers. However, true leaders are authentic and always set examples. They go against dogmas to assert themselves. They are originals. Disruptive ideas come from being yourself.

Your vision is always idiosyncratic. It cannot be cloned. Ask the entrepreneurs who are real success stories. They have only one tale to tell: while the world marveled, they excelled, solely because they had something unusual to say — and it happened because they were themselves! I can cite infinite examples. However, I do not want to embolden the idea of icons/idols as I want you to ponder on your own individuality. Imbibe worthy possessions from others, but preserve your exclusivity.

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