My first 50 days at phamax

May 2nd, 2016 - 0 Comments

During my early days in phamax, someone very wisely gave me the lesson of a lifetime: “we work in an industry where we are given whites and blacks and our task is to create shades of grey out of it”.

This statement gave me that extra boost and confidence that made sure I was in the right place. It also made me realize that learning is not a onetime process. Confidence is always boosted by freedom of thoughts and knowledge and it ultimately leads to creativity and innovation in any field.

The last company that I have worked with had a completely differently fashioned notion of functioning. phamax gives me the space that I need for personal and professional growth. The work at phamax is helping me to emerge as a better version of myself. In these 5 months and 11 days, I have received immense scope to nurture my talents and skills. Knowing is not enough here. We are encouraged to probe more into the hows and whys. So every small task has an inherent learning associated with it.

During my interview session, everything looked very tensed and serious to me. I was a little nervous as to where this would lead me. But, in the last months I eventually realized that at phamax there is equal importance given to work and fun. As the famous proverb goes – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, phamax is surely a place where one has to be ruthlessly perfect and focused, particularly with regards to work but also one should not lose the fun quotient.

Not to forget my colleagues, who are just incredible with their ever smiling faces and supportive nature. The most prominent and characteristic feature of my amazing colleagues is that they are super active, young at heart, high-spirited, fit, talented, and always ready to help. I feel age is no bar here. It’s just like wine, the older the better!  Being the newest member of the organization, I find it both exciting and challenging. We face difficulties every day and come out of them successfully with a lot more hope and devotion.

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