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Everyone has a story: How the ‘phamax family’ is helping to create better stories

May 2nd, 2016 - 2 Comments

We at phamax are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Philanthropy is our way of giving back to the society. I personally see it as a personal accountability in life because there are so many disadvantaged in the world. We can alleviate the pain with small, if not big contributions.

“Stories of courage when there was little hope. Stories of transformation when the odds were grim.  Stories of success when disappointment was the likely outcome”. Words of some prudent person who believed in stories. I have always been fascinated by stories. They tell tales of hardships, of perseverance, of relationships, of success, of failure, of experiences good and bad, and they help us to evolve.

If someone were to ask me to describe the path I have trodden upon till date, hardship and perseverance come to my mind instantly. The present world is a conflicting, complex and challenging world to grow and survive in. But, I have never shied away from any challenge that I encountered. Rather, I welcomed it as a learning curve; I strived to be better than I was, to understand my contemporaries and predecessors, and ultimately my own self. It has been a mixed bag. There were times when I triumphed and there were occasions when I failed miserably. But, I gathered experience along the path, which helped me in all crucial decisions in life. I have never been lonely in my journey. I always feel that someone is holding my hand and guiding me to fulfil my dreams.

My personal journey has taught me to care for the ones who are uncared for.

We, the ‘phamax family’ conjointly tried to make the world a better place for the children of ‘Ananda Marga Ashram’. The children at this institution are facing challenges that any parentless and underprivileged child has to endure. They are deprived of all the basic amenities relevant to a growing child. We created a documentary to circulate their misery and hardships among the fortunate few. I and my colleague, Dr Rituraj Mohanty, spent time with the children to understand their troubles. Their renderings were heart touching. Initially, they were reluctant to divulge their condition because their pride held them back. Gradually, they opened up.

A spiritual guru says that “No one is an orphan in this cosmos. The Almighty God is the Supreme Father for one and all”. Yet, there are destitute children in our society who need our special care and attention. God has graced us with some extra affluence so that we can be His medium to help these destitute children. These children are in dire need of an all-round development, encompassing physical, intellectual as well as spiritual care.

We decided that we needed to do something. We thought of contributing in money and kind, wherein we collected toys, books and other items essential for the children. One of our colleagues, Rishit Thakkar, collected cash from each team member. I personally did a charity campaign where I can proudly say that I accumulated a substantial amount to construct a new building so that they can sleep and dream for a bright future. The joy of giving is really a special feeling.

I am glad that the phamax family supported me wholeheartedly in my endeavours. If all organizations support such initiatives then the journey of these underprivileged boys could have been smooth. It is a way of saying ‘‘God, we are grateful for what we have.’’

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