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Essence of Psychological Welfare at phamax

June 20th, 2016 - 0 Comments

Individuals spend nearly three-fourths of their lives at the workplace. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the workplace caters to their physical and mental health.

According to the famous psychologist, Dr. Carol Ryff, ‘psychological well-being is the ability of an individual to function positively by self-acceptance, having positive relations with others, having purpose in life, personal growth, autonomy and environment mastery’.

Present day employees have to deal with a lot of stress at work, have to manage various relationships and also look into their personal growth. These factors, if not dealt with at the right time can lead to various psychological disorders. Statistics show that 50% of the working population in India is under chronic stress with 30 % having problems such as addiction and marital discord, and the rest 20% having severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Other concerns include anxiety disorder and mood disorder.

More and more companies are now focusing on ways to make the workplace more employee friendly due to this alarming rate of increase in psychological illness at work. phamax is one such company that values its employees and tries its best to make sure that the employees are happy and positive at all times. How is it done?

Work flexibility – phamax strongly believes in providing work life balance to all its employees. After all, happy employees contribute to a happy organization. A phamaxian has the freedom to work on their preferred time slots (we respect everyone’s biological clock) with no start time and end time (compulsory nine hours required though). Also, phamax provides its employees with the option of working from home to reduce the stress caused by travelling and to provide a more comforting environment to work. This allows the employees to spend more time with their family and to focus on themselves, which is directly related to personal growth, working towards identification of purpose in life and forming healthy relationships.


Relationship building – At phamax, we don’t just build teams, but relationships. We focus on the social acceptance of all our colleagues. Not only that! We also encourage our members to share their problems openly with anyone they trust (personal or professional) and provide them the best alternative to come out of that situation. We have an open door policy where the employees can feel free to discuss any concern with the manager or higher authorities. According to the Economics and Social Research Council, social isolation has long been known as a key trigger for mental illness, while supportive relationships with friends, family and neighbors are beneficial to the mental health of individuals and the population.


Empowerment – At phamax we focus on empowering the employees. We do so in two ways – providing autonomy and by positive feedback.  Providing autonomy includes allowing employees to innovate, manage their work and take credits for their contribution. phamax encourages employees for their individual contribution and therefore contributing towards an increased self-esteem. phamax also provides employees positive feedback and appreciation for a job done well which not only empowers employees but also focuses on the personal growth and self-acceptance.

phamax thus looks into the psychological well-being of its employees. At phamax we also like to keep the employees informed about various mental challenges, so that when an employee feels that he/she is facing any such problems, immediate solutions can be identified.


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