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Employee Engagement: An Essential to Productivity

June 21st, 2016 - 0 Comments

Keeping employees engaged may be the biggest challenge in the present scenario. Most of the challenges arise because of a lack of appreciation or motivation, or a disconnection among the team members. Employees are the most important asset of any company and it has been long recognized that the importance of employee engagement in a company’s culture is essential for business success, performance and sustainability. It basically defines the overall relationship quality with the company.

Every company wants to attract and keep the best talent. But, the problem arises when many employees in today’s job market feel uninspired, dissatisfied and get bored in few years by their work and start searching for a new job, aspiring for something new.

Employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employees. It is the two way commitment between them. An engaged employee is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about his/her work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests.

Employees are the hearts and minds of a small company. They are the cogs that drive the company. But, employees working in any organization do not turn up to work to continue with their monotonous jobs and same daily routines. They would like to get into a good learning environment, training and development sessions, or anything else that benefits their career growth and development, and also something new which motivates them to work happily.

There are certain aspects helpful to engage employees like Integrity, trust, participation, empowerment, fairness, supportiveness, openness, transparency, sharing, learning, fun and the list continues.

We at phamax believe that employee engagement plays a key role in our organization culture. A strong culture of a great company unifies, educates people and builds strong communication and commitment among the team members. It also has an enduring and lifetime impact on its employees.

At phamax, employees get plenty of opportunities to know their peers, managers and colleagues on a personal and professional level, while participating wholeheartedly in interactive sessions, weekly talks, fun-filled games and activities, entertaining activities, annual sports tournaments and most importantly, during the company’s annual offsite. They are also rewarded for their good work as the EOM (Employee of the month) and are gifted on their birthdays and work anniversaries.

Another very helpful way which phamax has introduced for our employees is to reduce the work burden by providing employees a flexible work culture. phamax gives the leisure of flexible timings and a WFH (Work from Home) policy for all the levels of employees, which reduces burden and work stress. Simplifying the work environment is the best way to win the trust of employees and their hearts.

This also tends to influence team members positively to build an engaged workforce. The strategic initiatives and well-structured plans make it easy to address the day-by-day challenges and help to reach the organization mission. Therefore, it is always necessary to enhance employee engagement to have an excellent workforce committed for a longer period. We at phamax keenly adhere to this principle.

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