• Mission

    Simplify healthcare market access complexities in Europe and the emerging markets

  • Approach

    Resolve local market access issues through a scientific and analytical framework

  • Competence

    Healthcare market access solutions at global, regional and local levels

Welcome to phamax

What is Market Access 2.0?

Healthcare systems around the world are constantly evolving. Consequently, market access requirements are changing, too. Market access is no longer just about pricing and reimbursement, and presenting clinical data. External pressure is growing as well as patients’ involvement in the healthcare processes. Costs are rising, and there is an increasing need to prove the efficacy of treatments.

We want to be dynamic and innovative in this vibrant environment, and we are constantly transforming our approach to market access to help you deal with those changes. This is why we call it Market Access 2.0.

There are multiple stakeholders in the market access arena. You can only be successful by addressing their needs simultaneously. We bring the different stakeholders together at phamax, working with medical affairs and market access teams, local healthcare authorities, physician associations, and patient support groups to help our clients achieve their goals.

How do we do it? We think outside the box and strive to understand the needs of all the parties involved in solving complex market access issues to find new ways of meeting their requirements. We don’t just analyze data — we connect the right information with the right people, and plug the information gaps among the stakeholders.

Looking at your challenge through the need-perspectives of all the potential stakeholders, we come up with a creative solution designed specifically for your project, ultimately transforming it into concrete action.

Who are we?

phamax is a consulting firm specialized in healthcare market access and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. We support our clients in Europe and the emerging markets. We address market access holistically, and provide combined scientific and analytical services encompassing:

What makes us different?

We work locally. Our strategies are customized to meet the needs of the local stakeholders in our clients’ target markets. We understand the local market and the stakeholder ecosystem, and we go where our clients have to go.

We are research-driven. Research is the core of phamax. Our scientific platform FSRC (focus scientific research center), comprising 2000+ expert physicians in 80+countries, enables us to collaborate with stakeholders worldwide for independent and sponsored research projects.

We are creative. We tackle a problem in innovative ways and design a unique solution tailored to your project.

Our clients speed up time to approval and commercialization of their products, reduce their market entry costs, and get tools that help them add value to patient care.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you.


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